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Wickham Market - pub activity

We are pleased to inform you that the team are now over halfway to reaching the minimum share target of £100,000. Share applications are coming in steadily on a daily basis, but the deadline of 23rd June is fast approaching. We know that many more supporters are planning to invest but haven’t yet got round to it. PLEASE DO SO NOW. The village survey indicated massive demand for a community pub in Wickham and many people have supported the meetings and events. The village should not have to abandon the project through lack of financial support and so appeal for your help in getting this over the line. As soon as they reach the minimum share target they will buy the pub. If you have already applied for shares then very many thanks. You will be able to visit the George as an owner, enjoy your drink in the bar, a meal in the restaurant, and enjoy the community room and know that you helped make it happen. The Share Offer document can be found here and an application form

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