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A rare sight for Wickham Market

A rare species of tree called Mount Etna has erupted into flower on the long stay car park in Wickham Market.

This tree was planted in the 1990's when the car park was created, the planting was designed by local enthusiasts Anne Westover and Paul Clarke.

The last reported sighting of this species of tree was outside the offices of the East Anglian Daily Times in Ipswich, that tree had a preservation order placed on it but unfortunately it split in strong winds and despite efforts to wire, brace and support it, that tree couldn't be saved.

Worth having a look, it has not been seen to bloom this vigorously, Mount Etna must love the heat!

More details:

· Mount Etna broom

· Latin name Genista aetnensis it is a large deciduous shrub or small tree of evergreen appearance, with slender, arching green shoots and small, sparse leaves.

· Flowers bright yellow, fragrant, pea-shaped, very abundant in mid- and late summer

· Plant range Sicily, Sardinia !!

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