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Knots of May & Kemp's Men Morris Dancers

Wickham Market will welcome the East Sussex "Knots of May" Morris dancers along with the "Kemp's Men" from Norwich. They will be on the Hill at 3pm on Saturday 11th August.

Kemp's Men of Norwich...are named in honour of Will Kemp, colleague of Shakespeare, fellow shareholder in the Globe Theatre, Europe's most famous comic actor and Morris dancer extraordinary. Eventually in, 1599, the two Wills fell out and Will Kemp went on to dance the Nine Daies Wonder from London to Norwich as a sort of bet in 1600.

The Knots of May are a woman's Morris team formed in the Autumn of 1974 in Brighton. From the first, a conscious decision was made to ensure the style of the team would be different from the predominantly male sides. It was decided to concentrate on the dance traditions from the North West of England rather than the Cotswold Morris, and the kit was designed to be feminine and reminiscent of the style of the 1890's. At that time, Lancashire Morris was being danced traditionally; the apron, being similar to those worn by Lancashire Mill girls, was chosen as another link.

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