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Local Business Update - E.W.Revett

So much more than a butcher!

In Wickham Market we are lucky to have a renowned butcher and purveyor of fine produce. Freshly baked bread, fine wines, the most fantastic cheeses and so much more available, along with the butchery.

I was in the shop the other weekend and a lady ordered 20lbs of sausages, she explained that she lived in London and had to have the famous Revett sausages for her Christmas meal. Hope she had a big oven that's a lot of pigs in blankets! It demonstrated how far people will come for these famous sausages.

There is a reason that you regularly see a queue outside the shop, it is because they offer excellent quality at the right price.

Did you know they did occasional special offers? You won't see a sign up in the shop, it is something they do for their regular customers, they announce them on their Facebook page and you just need to ask at the counter

Looking for ideas for your Christmas meal visit their Christmas page for recipes and suggestions.

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