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EADT Tokens and Used Batteries

Wickham Market Primary School have registered with a new East Anglian Daily Times campaign and very much hope that the community will be able to support the school. The new promotion, launching on Saturday, 9th February and ending on 3 May 2019, will give primary schools the chance to share in over £10,000 worth of Lego education resources supplied by CreativeHUT. Lego Education solutions for schools provide engaging, hands-on experiences, students need to explore core STEM concepts and link them to everyday life in science, technology, engineering and maths. Every school which registers and collects at least 1,000 tokens will receive £50 worth of Lego. The top 3 schools (as a ratio to registered pupils) will win £1,000 worth of Lego each. Please help us by collecting the tokens which will be printed in the EADT every day starting on 9th February (two on Saturday) and the Ipswich Star (plus special bonus token days) and bring them along to the school office. Wickham Market Primary School are collecting used batteries as part of a nation-wide recycling challenge. There are prizes which the school may win include a 2-night class trip to the sustainability centre, a 3-year subscription to MyMaths worth £1,000, £2,000 worth of school equipment vouchers, iPads, certificates and trophies. The more batteries collected, the more chances the school have to win the prizes. Please bring your used batteries to the school office or collect a free reusable battery collection box from the school office. This is an ongoing initiative so would be delighted to receive your batteries at any point in the future. Thank you very much for your community support, we are extremely grateful. Kind regards Mrs Murray Head of School

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