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All Saints' Church - The East Wall

If you have wandered through the churchyard in Wickham Market just lately, you may have observed the scaffolding that has been erected on the East wall of the church and maybe wondered what is happening.

Unfortunately, in recent years, cracks have appeared in the wall. These have been regularly monitored. However, the time has now come when remedial action is necessary.

Left untended, the wall is in danger of collapse, This would be disastrous for such an iconic building, which sits right in the heart of our delightful village.

Therefore the PCC has commissioned building works, which are currently underway.

The architect has estimated the cost of these works to be about £60,000. This figure includes the building works, commissioning the necessary surveys and the protection for the organ while the renovation is carried out.

Successful grant applications have resulted in £10,000 being awarded. Currently we have £27,000 (including additional funds raised so far) available to pay for the works. This leaves us with a shortfall of about £33,000! Other grants may be forthcoming but are by no means guaranteed.

If you would like more information or feel you could support this essential project in any way, please contact one of the church wardens.

Alison Elliot: 01728 748224

Paul Catchpole: 01728 746812

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