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All Saints' Church East Wall Update

The original plan was for the work on the East Wall to have been completed in July but unfortunately we are still quite a few weeks away from completion.

As plaster was stripped away from the wall and works progressed, we quickly discovered that the extent of deterioration was far worse than hoped for.

Fortunately the architect is confident that we'll be able to repair the wall and ensure that the East Window is secure. The challenge is that an increase in work comes with an increase in time and cost. From the original plan of 10 weeks, we're now up to 17. The original estimate was that the repairs would cost £60,000, but this is now up to £90,000.

We've pursued what grant money there is available, and have had some encouraging responses. As well as that, we have just had a financial appeal within the church, which raised £15,000. We're grateful also to those who responded to our last letter in the Parish magazine. However, this still leaves us with a shortfall of some £12,000.

As a church of and for the village, we'd like to invite you to consider whether you might feel able to donate some money towards the repair of the building, We appreciate any contributions you may be able to make.

If you would like to find out how best to do so, then please do get in touch.

Leslie Siu - 01728 561572 -

Alison Elliot - 01728 748224

Paul Catchpole - 01728 746812

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