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A Message From The Churches of Wickham Market & Pettistree

The bells have stopped ringing. The clock has stopped ticking. The doors are locked. But that doesn't mean the church has stopped! The churches of Wickham Market and Pettistree continue to worship Jesus and serve others. We'd love to offer two things:

1) Many are struggling in different ways at this time. If there is anything practical we can do for you, please get in touch with our vicar, Leslie. We'd also love to know how best to be praying for you. If you have things you would like us to pray about, then please drop us an email! We'll keep things confidential of course.

2) We have virtual services live streamed online each Sunday at 11am, and you'd be most welcome to join in, whether you're a seasoned church-goer or completely new to it all.

Contact Details:

Sunday Live Stream Details -



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