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Life in Lockdown

Stay at home and record life in lockdown

Suffolk Archives is calling on people across the county to record snapshots of their life whilst they stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Life in Lockdown' is a brand-new archive collection, which will preserve the history of today and help future generations better understand the lives we lead and the environment we live in. The archive would like to hear from people from all walks of life and all ages.

To contribute simply visit and complete the online survey. You can also sign up to keep a diary, make a scrapbook, or record the lockdown using photography or by producing artwork. There are also activities available that can be done at home, including Lego building, colouring and online jigsaws.

Engagement Hub, part of Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s services, in partnership with Suffolk Archives and The Hold have launched a time capsule competition called ‘The Art of being 2 metres Apart!’ There are three categories (artwork, music or creative writing) and two age groups: 5-11 years old and 12-19 years old (up to 25 with SEND). For more information, visit: The deadline is 1 September 2020, and there is a £30 voucher for the winner in each category and age group.

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