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Press Release - Maverick Festival

As it began to finally dawn on us that there really would be no festival this year and in response to multiple messages of disappointment and disbelief, we decided to invite some of our favourite artists from years gone by to perform a song or two specially for us and raise our spirits.

We reached out near and far - to Rich Hall in Montana, Terra Lightfoot in Canada and Jon Langford in Chicago, to Andrew Duhon in New Orleans and Rachel Harrington in Seattle, to the Goat Roper Rodeo Band in Wales, Tom Attah in Leeds, the Vagaband in Norfolk and Hank Wangford in West London. We even drilled down under to find Lachlan Bryan and friends somewhere in Australia.

More artists are joining every day and we know the result will be something special.

Tune in to our website or Facebook page at twelve noon on Independence Day, Saturday July 4th when our hearts and souls will be on the farm and the music will carry us all there.

Paul Spencer and the Maverick Team

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