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Road Resurfacing Between 2nd & 7th September 2020

For your information, we are planning to carry out road resurfacing works an A12 and B1078 Hacheston, as detailed below. The work is due to take place between 2 and 7 September 2020, excluding the weekend. This will require a temporary overnight road closure between 7pm and 5am each night. A temporary 20mph speed limit will also be in place to ensure that we can carry out our works safely. Road Closure - A12 Hacheston northbound slip on – From B1079 roundabout to A12 Hacheston

  • Diversion - A12 southbound to A1152 junction, A12 northbound. No vice versa.

Road Closure - B1078 Main Road, Hacheston – from junction with B1116 for a further 400 metres south westbound

  • Diversion 1 - B1078, B1438, A12. No vice versa.

  • Diversion 2 - B1078, A12, B1438, B1078. No vice versa.

Speed Reduction to 20mph

  • B1116 The Street, Hacheston – From Easton Road to B1078

  • B1078 Main Road, Hacheston – Roundabout only

  • B1078 Ashe Road, Hacheston – From B1078 Main Road roundabout to A12 Hacheston southbound slip on

As we plan roadworks in advance, we schedule extra days to allow for bad weather or other delays beyond our control. If we need to make major changes to our work dates, we will update the information signs on site. A plan showing the diversion route for these works is attached to this email. When we close the road and put a diversion in place, the route needs to be accessible to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We make our diversions as clear as possible by placing appropriate signing along the route. The latest updates on our works can be found on our website at "Temporary road closures for Suffolk Highways roadworks” and on One.Network website. There may be times that essential emergency works are required to take place on the highway network without advanced notice – you can follow Suffolk Highways on Twitter for the latest emergency roadwork updates. Suffolk Highways

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