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Wickham Market Parish Council Update 21st August 2020

Have Your Say at the EDF Sizewell C Examination

Whether you support new nuclear power generation or not, now is the time to protect your right to have a say at the Examination of EDF’s Sizewell C (SZC) application.

The planning application for Sizewell is known as a Development Consent Order (DCO) and will be examined by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) not by East Suffolk Council.

PINS will take a very structured approach to the Examination with set deadlines. We are now in the Pre-Examination stage which will last until 30th September 2020.

If you want to take part in the Examination and have your say on whichever of the SZC issues interest or concern you, you must register with PINS by 30th September. If you have sent responses to EDF during the consultation period please be aware that these will not be before the examination panel. You need to submit your comments at this stage to be heard.

You do this by making a Relevant Representation on the PINS website:

The documentation detailing the submitted SZC project plans is available on the Planning Inspectorate's website and can be viewed by following the link below:

EDF’s own website contains the documents and you can also request a USB stick or view the hard copy documents in their Leiston offices (as set out in the EDF 12 page booklet posted to all homes in July):

Your submission should be no more than 500 words and concisely set out the areas that you will be wanting to express a view on (either verbally or in writing) at the Examination which is likely to start later this year or early 2021.

Local issues and benefits that you might want to comment on could include:

• Noise, air quality and vibration issues of up to 1,000 HGV movements at peak construction on the A12 (that is about one every minute during a peak working day).

• The capacity of the A12 to support additional traffic; cars, vans and HGVs.

• The visibility of the 1250 space SP&R with bus movements, postal consolidation facility and a HGV holding ground in the event of emergencies. The site is located on prominent high ground north of the Fiveways roundabout, Hacheston.

• Little landscape mitigation is being planned other than some peripheral bunds.

• The noise, lighting and air quality issues that will arise from the SP&R. • The cumulative impacts from future housing developments and Scottish Power’s Friston wind farm substation construction on roads already congested by EDF traffic.

• The problem of “rat running” as frustrated drivers find alternative routes to avoid congestion.

• The increase in cars and light goods vehicles/vans using the B1078 between Coddenham and Wickham Market to reach the SP&R.

• The need to put pressure on EDF to track “white vans” to ensure they use A14/A12…not the B1078.

• The traffic impacts on the roads in and around Wickham Market.

• Will there be beneficial employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities for the community?

• What mitigation and compensation might be needed to address local impacts?

Wickham Market Parish Council Sizewell Working Group

The Sizewell Working Group (Councillors and public) are currently working on behalf of the community to consider the SZC development and in particular the proposed SP&R and its impact on Wickham Market. The group are continuing to work raising local concerns with EDF, Suffolk County and East Suffolk Council. We are liaising with our neighbouring Parishes of Marlesford, Hacheston, Campsea Ashe and Pettistree identifying common concerns and issues presented by the Sizewell C project..

We have been pressing SCC Highways Authority and EDF to design/provide and fund traffic mitigation measures (as EDF have stated they will do in the DCO submission) through a legal agreement. SCC are supporting this work and we hope that will be some positive outcomes from this. However, the traffic volumes in conjunction with other local developments will still be considerable and the impacts are likely to be significant.

Both District and County Councillors have recently visited the High Street and the SP&R to view our concerns first hand, noting the challenges the village is currently facing with traffic pinch points and how these will become more challenging with the increase in traffic volume.

Wickham Market Parish Council will make a ‘relevant representation’ regarding Sizewell C by 30th September and this will be informed by any progress made by EDF to resolve our current concerns.

WMPC documentation relating to SZC can be found on the Parish Council's website under the Sizewell Tab:

If you believe that you are able to offer advice or time to the SWG to help with the task of working through the submitted documentation, provide us any of your thoughts on the proposed development, have technical knowledge or can help in any way we would be delighted to hear from.

Please contact Joanne Peters, Parish Clerk Email:

Mobile: 07723 634169

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