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2021 Wickham Market Annual Village Show

2021 Wickham Market Annual Village Show

The Village Show committee has taken the difficult decision not to hold the Annual Village Show this year (traditionally held on the first weekend in August), owing to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. We delayed making this decision to the last possible date that would enable us to organise it. The situation was not clear enough to be certain of having a sociable and meaningful Show. As it is an indoor event there are many factors that would affect us. The need for social distancing would make it very difficult for the catering part of the Show which not only is a vital activity financially; but also helps to give a good atmosphere and provide a venue for socialising in a relatively small area. To stage the Show outside is too weather dependent without incurring unacceptable costs such as a marquee. Other factors that influenced our decision: 1. Sponsorship and donations of raffle prizes might be limited from businesses recovering from lockdowns. 2. Confidence of people to exhibit or attend might be affected by health concerns. 3. Possibility of Covid variants causing further problems.

The Good News

We have decided to hold two events to try to ensure that the “spirit” of the Annual Village Show is kept alive this year:

1. There will be a virtual photographic competition in memory of the late Mary Morris. This will take place online with entries being submitted via the Wickham Market Village Show Facebook page and run before our normal Show date weekend of 7th/8th August. The winners will be declared on 7th August. (Further details to be announced). 2. We will hold a Tombola stall on the Hill on Saturday 7th August at the regular Saturday market, with profits going to the Village Hall refurbishment fund. The winners of the photographic competition will be announced and displayed at this event. (Again more details to follow). Finally, let us all hope that 2022 will be a healthier year for us all and that we will be able to hold the Annual Village Show in our village hall once again. Alan Manley and Anne Westover (on behalf of the Village Show committee)


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