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A message from Leslie Siu

Vicar of All Saints, Wickham Market and St. Peter & St.Paul, Pettistree 2020 continues to be an absolute rollercoaster of events! We’re now in a second lockdown and there is no sense of clarity as to what the future holds. I take great comfort in Jesus’ words of encouragement, reminding us that in the troubles of each day, we can look to our Heavenly Father who knows all of our needs, and remember that He is present with us through it all. There’s so much we can’t do, but can I offer three suggestions as to what you can do to help to stay connected and well at this time?

Retreat physically – reach out socially. One of our basic human needs is relationship. We can stay distanced without being distant. Who could you send a message or social media post to? Maybe an e-mail. Or why not pick up pen and paper and write a letter? You remember one of those good old-fashioned things written by hand? Yep, one of those! Or if you want to natter, then make a cup of tea and a few phone calls.

Retreat physically – reach out practically. How could you do something for a neighbour today? Could you bake and share your favourite cake? Can you rake some of those beautiful autumn leaves? How about picking up some shopping for someone when you’re next out? I’m sure there’s something you can do for others in the community at this time!

Retreat physically – reach out for help. This is a very difficult time. People are lonely and isolated. Families are being pushed to the limit. Incomes have been cut or lost. It’s okay to ask for help! Get in touch with a neighbour or friend and let them know you’re struggling. As a church, we’re able to help both practically and spiritually. Don’t struggle on alone! There are individuals and groups in our local community who would love to help you!

Even as we retreat physically, we can still reach out in different ways. What will you do today? If there’s anything at all I can do for you, then get in touch with me at or 01728 561572.


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