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A Vacancy for a Butcher - full time or part time

Whether you are an experienced butcher or you are a keen, enthusiastic person looking for a new career we have a role that may suit you.

As artisan butchers we care about the sources of our meat, we are passionate about the quality and the taste that our customers enjoy. As a small family business we punch above our weight in terms of the volume of business we have, our reputation and the service that we provide.

That is achieved through a passionate, loyal, supportive and committed team - we are looking for someone to join that team.

The successful applicant will be used to working hard, at times under pressure, with a cool head and logical thinking they will join an effective and skilled team. The environment is friendly, happy and generally relaxed but when the queue gathers outside we are focused and knuckle down to ensure the best customer experience.

Is this the opportunity for you? One more thing we are not just open Monday to Friday 9 - 5pm. We work with many restaurants and pubs and we start early and we work on Saturday too finishing at 2pm. There is flexibility for the right applicant.

Still interested? Please call Gary on 01728 746263


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