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Car Parking in Wickham Market

If you have not been into the village centre you may not have noticed that the car park charges and times have changed. Please check what it says on the machines, the signs are not that clear.

Firstly by the doctors - ignore the signs on the wall that say there is an hour parking for free. The charge is actually free for up to 30 minutes and up to an hour for £1.00. It would appear that you can't stay more than an hour there.

Behind the East Anglian Traditional Art Centre, by the toilets. There is no free parking there now. Up to 2 hours is £1, up to 4 hours is £2 and if you come to Wickham Market to work and park all day it is now £4.

On the market hill, the parking around the square on the road - not in a car park area - is free for 1 hour between 8am and 6pm and Sunday is free all day.

Parking on the market square is free for the 30 minutes (the signs don't make this clear and it is hand written on the machine but it is free when you enter your car registration). Up to 2 hours is £1 and up to 4 hours is £2.


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