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Citizens Advice Leiston & Saxmundham


Calls for help come from young and old alike. Youngsters who are being laid off from their jobs, families terrified they will not be able to find next month's rent or mortgage payment, people struggling to keep pace with debt repayments or utility bills.

Recently an 80 year-old called struggling to manage on her state pension. News that her TV license would no longer be free caused her great distress and anxiety. The annual cost of £157.50 was as much as one week's income and she could not pay the license.

CA calculated she would be entitled to claim Pension Credit, a much under-claimed benefit for people on a low income who are pension age. There are two types of Pension Credit: guarantee credit which ensures a minimum weekly level of income (from April 2021) of £177.10 for a single person, £270.30 for a couple and savings credit which can add up to £14.04 to a single person's weekly pension, £15.71 for a couple. Savings credit is being phased out, but you may still be eligible if you reached pension age before 6 April 2016 and meet certain other criteria.

You can qualify for Pension Credit whether you are in or out of work and you do not have to have paid national insurance to qualify. And for those 75 and over who receive Pension Credit, the TV license is free.

Our distressed client relaxed in the knowledge that she could enjoy TV for free and would have a bit more money in her purse. CA was able to help her make the claim.

If you think you may be eligible, please call and we will discuss this in more detail.


Alison Moor

+447973 207138



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