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EDF Sizewell C Traffic Management Proposals for Wickham Market

Many thanks to all the people who visited the exhibition and fed back their views to EDF (and the PC) via the forms or website. If you were unable to attend over the 9/10th October weekend please note the following.

The exhibition boards have been moved to the Library/Resource Centre foyer

Please come and view on Library open days:


0930 - 1230, 1300 - 1730


0930 - 1230, 1300 - 1730


0930 - 1230, 1300 - 1730


0930 - 1230, 1300 - 1730


1000 - 1230, 1300 - 1630

The consultation runs from 27th September to 25th October 2021

You are invited to view detailed plans for a proposed traffic scheme prepared by EDF Energy. Proposals have been developed by a EDF, through a Working Group comprising Wickham Market Parish Council representatives (WMPC), East Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council (SCC).

The Sizewell C Project, new nuclear power station, includes a Park and Ride site located north of the village in Hacheston. EDF expect the park and ride to be operational for some 8-11 years.

It is expected that over this time, an additional 1050 cars and light goods vehicles will pass through Wickham Market daily during the years of peak construction.

A summary of the Traffic Management consultation will be provided by EDF after the consultation ends on 25th October. Your views are essential and will assist WMPC to prepare further representations to SCC and EDF. We will also update the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) through the submission of further evidence for the Sizewell C Examination (end 14th October).

You can view all our submissions to PINS on their web site here:

It is important that EDF receive as much feedback as possible on these proposals, your views are important as whichever scheme is put in place will be with us for many years to come.

You should have received a four-page leaflet/form from EDF through your door, more are available in the foyer. The display boards show a little more detail relating to gateways, build outs, and parking restrictions on Broad Road and the High Street.

You can view a summary of the proposals and complete/download the form online here:

Wickham Market Parish Council

October 2021


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