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Green Gym Event

Dear all, we made a really good start last Saturday on replacing dead trees, stakes and mulching with straw. Hoping you can come along and enjoy a second session on the green lane and hopefully do some work on the spinney too.

Meet at the junction of Chapel Lane/Green lane track/footpath, Sunday 8th January at 10.30 am (2 hours max).The track travels north east before it drops into the river valley.

Many of you have noticed the new tree line (oaks, hazel, field maple, hawthorn) along Green Lane, off Chapel Lane planted early 2021.

We also planted a spinney where the track turns in early 2022.

After a tough hot and dry year some trees need replacing along with some straightening up of stakes, general TLC and mulching with straw.

It is hoped that in time this planting will produce an attractive landscape feature and provide a valuable habitat corridor too.

Tools available but a spade and secateurs are always handy if you can bring them, wear good boots and gloves.

Parking is limited in this location so walking to the event is advisable.

Let me know if you plan to come along.

Happy New Year!


Anne Westover Tel 01728 747689 Mob 07586 266553


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