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Mindfulness Courses (over 65)

The Gatehouse Charity is running online mindfulness courses that are fully funded to support older adults (over 65) during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. We are holding our next online course in January, but will be running courses throughout next year and beyond.

We have had really good feedback from participants, and we have found that it improves people’s attention and memory, as well as reducing loneliness, low mood, stress, anxiety and chronic pain. We have also worked with memory clinic patients, and it has improved memory functioning in people in the early stages of dementia, mild cognitive impairment or people suffering from carer stress.

The course involves a weekly meeting via Zoom, with audio recordings of the practice and handouts to be downloaded. The mindfulness teacher is a clinical psychologist.

Places are free but limited. If you would like further details and an application form, please click here or visit For any queries please email


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