The Grandpad Project

Grandpad Update:

With huge thanks to our local Councillors and a voluntary group across the East Suffolk area, we are due to receive another delivery of Grandpads for the East Suffolk community. Therefore, we are currently seeking referrals for those that might be suffering with social isolation and loneliness.

The Grandpad project has been in motion for almost a year now, and in essence the project aims to tackle social isolation and loneliness and support those that might be CEV. Grandpads are a simplified tablet, with a built in 4G sim card which allows a user to remain in contact with their family and friends. One of the key methods is via Zoom, which is preinstalled onto the device. There are also a number of other functions preinstalled on the device, including music (access to over 30 million songs), games (18 games – solitaire, bingo etc) and internet. I have attached a full overview of the available functions to this email. The Grandpads are loaned out for a 12 month period, and are complete free of charge for the user!

Below are a couple of links with some further information about the devices –

Referrals can be made by community/voluntary groups, organisations, services and family/friends, these may be sent to myself or So if you know somebody that may be socially isolated and lonely, please get in touch!

Nicola Jenner | Communities Officer

East Suffolk Council

01394 444321 | 07867 135993