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The Town Lands Trust

Are you a single resident of Wickham Market of pensionable age? Or a post-16 student in education living in the village?

The Town Lands Trust is a local charity which offers support for needs within the village of Wickham Market through two important ways:

a) Each Christmas, the Town Lands charity offers a voucher for those living alone in Wickham Market of pensionable age, to spend in local shops and businesses. We know that many look forward to the voucher each year. Please let the Clerk know of anyone who is newly eligible, for example through having moved into the village or through a change in circumstances.

b) Support is also on offer from the Town Lands Trust to post-16 students or those in apprenticeships who live in Wickham Market, towards costs such as books and educational materials.

For further enquiries and to discuss any possible claim for support, please contact the Clerk to the Trustees, Roger Theobald on 01728 746979.


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