Waste Collection

In consultation with East Suffolk Council, East Suffolk Norse has reluctantly decided that conditions are likely to remain too difficult to undertake a waste collection service on Wednesday. The weather forecast suggests further sub-zero temperatures overnight and more snowfall, particularly focused on East Suffolk, which will make it almost impossible for 20-tonne-plus refuse vehicles to safely reach and navigate a very large number of roads and properties. Over 85% of our residential properties are on smaller roads and, while Suffolk Highways are working hard to grit as many as possible throughout the county, a great proportion will remain impassable for vehicles of this size. While this is clearly a frustrating situation, the safety of crews and local residents is more important. Clearly some properties will be accessible, however Norse will look to conduct full rounds once the weather improves as this will ensure a far more effective and efficient service throughout the district.

Camilla Hopkins | Marketing & Communications Officer

East Suffolk Council

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East Suffolk Council will continue to review and prioritise the delivery of its services during this unprecedented time.

The COVID-19 outbreak will severely impact what we are able to do, however we will continue to support and protect our communities, delivering the critical services you need.