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What’s happening at the Village Hall? Quite a lot, actually. Since Boris relaxed the rules around the use of public spaces: -

✓ Existing clubs and other activities have restarted, in earnest.

✓ Several children’s birthday parties, also funeral wakes, have taken place.

✓ A few new clubs are looking to make Wickham Market their base

And the modernisation, what is happening with that? On the positive side: -

• Quotations have been received from several Architects and Surveyors to conduct a structural survey on the Hall.

• We are about to decide which quotation to accept. More on this next month.

• The George is setting up a User Group that will provide them advice on interior décor and have invited the Village Hall to join. A good collaboration, we think.

• We have been tidying up and clearing out unused or obsolete items that have been stored in the Village Hall for years.

• We are expecting a report shortly on the installation and use of green energy systems in the Village Hall.

On the negative side: -

➢ The Events Team has not started yet. We need more people to make it viable. If you would like to help, please step forward and contact Pete (see below).

➢ The Car Park is overcrowded, poorly maintained and becomes a lake in wet weather. There are no easy steps to take to resolve this problem, but it does affect the Village Hall’s viability.

So, not a lot has happened since the last Bulletin, eh?

➢ It’s the Summer! People have been getting out, going on holiday, having a break. Despite this we are making progress. There will be a lot of action in the Autumn.

➢ If you would like to come and help us on the Modernisation Team, you would be very welcome.

Please contact… Pete Holden Modernisation Steering Group (01728) 747229


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