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Women's Tour

We are now only a month away from the Women’s Tour coming to Suffolk on Saturday 9th October and just wanted to give you a final update.

You can see the interactive map of the route by visiting AJ Bell Women's Tour | Stage Six ( and you will be able to zoom in to see exactly where the race will be going. I have also attached the ETA of the route, you will see that there is four times given, the first is for the lead cars and police motorbikes that will be ahead of the race, the next three times are the estimates based on the speed the race will be travelling. The highlighted timing is the expected time the race will be coming through your particular area, you may notice that there is a highlighted green zone, this is the designated area for the cyclists to dispose of any rubbish/recycling that will then be cleared by Sweetspot.

We have some parking suspensions and road closures that will be going in at different points across the routes, these have been highlighted as areas on the risk assessment carried out by Sweetspot to ensure the safety of all the riders. . The signs will start to go up two weeks prior to that and residents and businesses affected by this will be informed of the disruption that may be caused. We have all the maps of the restrictions that will be in place in East Suffolk available Women's Tour & Felixfest route maps, timetables and parking restrictions » East Suffolk Council.

There will also be a rolling road closure as the race comes through Suffolk with the police escort group closing any side roads and stopping traffic coming onto the route approximately 20 minutes before the riders reach a town/village. Once the riders have passed through, the roads will be reopened and any parking suspension will start to be removed.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, we hope that your community are as excited as we are about having this amazing race coming to Suffolk again and that people line the streets in support.

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