Walking around Wickham Market

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Situated in the heart of the Suffolk coast Wickham Market is ideally placed for woodland walks and strolls along the coast line. The Suffolk Heritage Coast offers stunning scenery just a short drive away, but you don't need to get into a car to escape into the countryside. If you are staying in Wickham Market you can step out of your door and in minutes be immersed in the Suffolk Countryside.


A short stroll from the village centre will give you the opportunity to see an array of wildlife and farm animals. Keep your eyes open and you can expect to see cows, horses, sheep, swans, ducks, fish, dragon flies, moorhens, geese, kestrels, hawks, herons and so much more. At Wickham Market you are in the heart of the countryside, so put on your boots and get out and explore...

Archive Centre's walks 

Guided Walks

In 2016, the theme of our walk was "The Lost Pubs of Wickham Market".

In 2017, the theme was "The Old Shops of Wickham Market".

If anyone would like to get together with a group of between 6 and 12 people, we can arrange to put on either of the previous walks at a convenient date and time.

In 2018, the theme will be "More of the Old Shops of Wickham Market".

The first two walks will be held on Wednesday 16th May 2018 and Saturday 19th May 2018, and will be advertised and bookable through the Suffolk Walking Festival. Please click on the link to visit our website.

Walks will also take place on:

  • Monday 28th May

  • Wednesday 13th June

  • Saturday 7th July

  • Friday 3rd August

  • Monday 20th August

These can be booked by phoning 01728 746058.

Pettistree Heritage Walks

Further countryside walks can be found in the neighbouring village of Pettistree. Please click on the link to find out further information about the Pettistree Heritage Walks. Please click on the link to access the Pettistree leaflet. 

Historic Wickham Market Walk

16th May 2018 - A guided walk around historic Wickham Market with stops at the old shops that used to be in the village to hear information about them and to see old photos. Click here for more information

Historic Wickham Market Walk - more of the old shops

19th May 2018 -  A follow on to 16th May - A guided walk around historic Wickham Market with stops at the old shops that used to be in the village to hear information about them and to see old photos. Click here for more information

Rendlesham UFO Trail

In December 1980, Rendlesham Forest became a place of both national and  international interest after a number of sightings of strange lights were reported hovering over the forest.


These lights have never been explained and have long been linked to the theory that the forest was a site for UFO landings. At the time RAF Woodbridge was being used by the U.S. Air Force and their personnel as well as their commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles 1. Halt also reported seeing unidentifiable lights over the skies of Rendlesham.


The events which occurred during this time have made Rendlesham Forest the most famous place in the United Kingdom to have witnessed so called UFO sightings. The reported sightings and events are now thought to be on par with Roswell in the United States and sometimes Rendlesham is referred to as "Britain's Roswell".


In 2005 with the help of lottery funding the Forestry Commission set up the UFO Trail for visitors to the forest. The trail has proved to be very successful and in 2014 an artist was commissioned by the Forestry Commission to create a UFO based on sketches of what was supposedly seen by some witnesses at the time.

The current trail is suitable for both young and older visitors. The trail is marked by silver arrows and is 3 miles long. The walk is graded as easy. 


Rendlesham Forest is an ideal location for visitors as it offers wonderful woodland walks, cyle routes, picnic areas, facilities and play areas for families visiting with children.

For further information please click on the link to the Forestry Commission website.