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Wickham Market Church

All visitors welcome

All visitors welcome

You may be visiting and looking for a church while you are on holiday or visiting friends. You may be moving into the area and looking for a local church to join. Or you may be thinking about coming along because you are looking for something new and have had little or no previous experience of a lively family church before.  Whoever you are we hope you come along - we'd love to say hello!

All Saints Church offers regular Sunday services and worship in a contemporary style.  We aim to make provision for young and old at our services. There is also an extensive weekday programme. You can pick up leaflets with information on times of worship and further details in the church building which is open during the day.  As well as that, you'll find up to date information at

All Saints is a lively church which attracts people of all ages. The church spire is visible for miles around, it points into the sky like a tall finger.  We reflect this in our church motto – Pointing People to Jesus.


Jesus is absolutely incredible.  Why not join us as we worship together and learn more about His mighty power to rescue and save.

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