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Volunteers required for the Aspire Day Centre at Lehman House

We need more Volunteers for the Aspire Day Centre at Lehman House. With accreditations now in place we expect a lot more Clients. We need help.

The work can be challenging but is always rewarding. Helpers build relationships with Clients by chatting, helping them access activities, serving refreshments and generally supporting as necessary. Hours can fit in with what you can offer.

You will need to complete a DBS Check and do some training, but the training is not too taxing and is delivered on site. The DBS and training are free.

This work is ideal for those wanting to help older adults who need encouragement and help; for those preparing to go back to paid employment and wanting to refresh or acquire new skills and for those with a little free time and wanting to use that time in a positive and rewarding way.

Please contact us at the emails below; we will try to answer your questions and put you in touch with the Aspire Management.

Maureen Wheeldon (Volunteer Contact)

Gloria Theobald (Lehman Listeners)

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