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Electric bus Service Jan 15th 2021 Wickham/Framlingham & Campsea Ashe

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The electric bus promotion is commencing the 15th January. £4, single £7 return.

“KATCH” is an innovative new service due to be launched 0n January 15th. Funded by Suffolk County council from the Department for Transport’s Rural Mobility Fund.

Two 8-seater electric minibuses will shuttle between Campsea Ashe, Wickham Market and Framlingham. A single fare on this new “Katch” service will be £4, and a return £7. Initially the vehicles can only take 4 passengers but if these are making a single journey, the operator will still make a small profit. The journey has to be booked in advance; and a passenger could phone up from Liverpool Street station for a minibus to meet the train at Campsea Ashe and be taken to one of three stops in either Wickham Market or one of three in Framlingham.

Further details of how you can book this bus will be posted when they become available. The service will be wheelchair accessible.


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