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Kaizen Karate & Self Defence

Kaizan Karate & Self Defence will be registering new students for courses in basic self defence on Sunday the 5th November at 10am, Wickham Market Village Hall, if you are interested and want to join please attend between 10am and 11am. There will be a Q&A opportunity for those wanting more information on the day. Lessons will be based upon recognised Okinawan Go-Jyu Ryu self defence systems, depending upon individual ability it should in theory take anywhere between three to six months to learn confidently, however, this is not a guarantee. I will not be offering a grading syllabus simply an opportunity to learn basic self defence methods and general personal protection in an informal, friendly but disciplined atmosphere. Any questions, please contact Howard Cane at; (Kaizan Karate is a registered WAKO-GB martial arts provider. PL to £10M and PI to 5M)


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