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Lamb for Easter – Charity Auction!

St Mary's Church, Dallinghoo

In Dallinghoo we are repairing St Mary's, our 13th Century church. Despite saving for 30 years, the cost of repairs is high. Fortunately our appeals and some generous grants have allowed us to start. Phase I cost £12,000 and the current Phase II £85,000. The price of Phase II was more than we hoped by some £23,000 so, while we are able to rectify all

wind and water problems, we still need more to complete the work. We have had a generous donation from a parishioner and as such invite you to participate in the

Lamb for Easter – Charity Auction! Why not try to stock up your freezer for Easter by placing a bid for half a lamb today? Not enough freezer space? Why not club together with friends to bid for a pack of lamb between you?

The lamb is kindly donated by Dominic Le Fanu from his 'Freedom Fields' flock that were born on the Salt Marshes at Benacre, grazed in Dallinghoo and then butchered and frozen at Bramfield Meats, Halesworth. There are two frozen half lamb meat packs (8-10kgs) each containing:-

  • 2 half shoulder joints

  • 2 half leg joints

  • cutlets and chops

  • liver & kidneys

  • mince or neck fillet

Each pack is worth approximately £80-90 each. A recent customer gave ‘Freedom Fields’ lamb a 5* review. Quote: “The lamb is tender, tasty and beautifully lean – highly recommended!” Fundraising is by sealed bid auction. The idea is that we ask you to make a donation-pledge by noon on Sunday 21st March and the lamb packs will then go to the top two pledges. So, the more generous the pledge the more chance of getting the lamb! The other losing bidders do not need to pay anything unless they decide to donate anyway! Just send your pledge today by email to: Dallinghoo Historic Church Repair Appeal Charity no: 803135


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