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Planning Proposal: land between Chapel Lane and the High Street, Pettistree

A message from Jo Peters, Parish Clerk

I have been informed by Cllr Jeff Hallett, Chairman, Pettistree PC that the Pettistree Planning Applications will be considered at an East Suffolk Council Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 26th January 2021. The meeting papers for this meeting can be accessed via clicking on the link below and then clicking on the agenda contents and the agenda document pack (to read the officers report, which is recommending approval):-

Cllr Lisa Sanders, Chairman of Wickham Market Parish Council's Planning Committee will be speaking at this meeting. If you objected to this application and sent in an individual response you can also speak at the East Suffolk Council Planning Committee meeting next week as an objector, as follows:-

Speaking at Planning Committee Meetings

Interested parties who wish to speak will be able to register to do so, using an online form.

Registration may take place on the day that the reports for the scheduled meeting are published on the Council’s website, until 5.00pm on the day prior to the scheduled meeting.

To register to speak at a Planning Committee, please visit to complete the online registration form. Please contact the Customer Services Team on 03330 162 000 if you have any queries regarding the completion of the form.

Interested parties permitted to speak on an application are a representative of Town / Parish Council or Parish Meeting, the applicant or representative, an objector, and the relevant ward Members. Interested parties will be given a maximum of three minutes to speak and the intention is that only one person would speak from each of the above parties.

If you are registered to speak, can we please ask that you arrive at the meeting prior to its start time (as detailed on the agenda) and make yourself known to the Committee Clerk, as the agenda may be re-ordered by the Chairman to bring forward items with public speaking and the item you have registered to speak on could be heard by the Committee earlier than planned.

Please note that any illustrative material you wish to have displayed at the meeting, or any further supporting information you wish to have circulated to the Committee, must be submitted to the Planning team at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Kind regards,

Joanne Peters (CiLCA)

Clerk to Wickham Market Parish Council

07723 634169


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