Sizewell C

Dear Residents,

This is an update from Wickham Market Parish Council (WMPC) and the Sizewell Working Group regarding Sizewell C.

As a result of the continuing work between the Parish Council's Sizewell C Working Group, Traffic and Parking Working Group and our neighbouring parishes we submitted our Relevant Representation to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate on 23rd September 2020.   This was approved at the WMPC meeting on 21st September 2020.

Supported by our County Councillor Alexander Nicoll and District Councillor Carol Poulter we have held regular meetings with EDF Energy since December 2019 and have continued to do so via virtual meetings during this difficult year.

SCC Highways are supporting our requests for significant traffic mitigation if the village is to cope with the increase in traffic which the EDF development will generate.  This being one of the significant concerns which WMPC have regarding the project to build Sizewell C.

Since the SCC Cabinet meeting 22nd September agreed strong opposition on a number of fronts to the Sizewell C project.

EDF have begun to progress further work to form the basis of addressing a raft of measures we have requested should be addressed.  This also includes the design and the visual impacts arising from the Southern park and ride site.

You may see the EDF appointed contractors, Warner Surveys, carrying out survey work on the highways through the village throughout October and into early November. 

There will be two surveyors from Warner Surveys taking highway measurements around the village. This is the same contractor who did the first round of highway topographical surveys on a shorter section of the High Street in the summer.  

WMPC will keep you updated on any plans to include an additional round of consultation in November/December this year.

If you have any queries regarding the project and the WMPC responses and correspondence please check our web site using the link here:

or contact the Parish Clerk Joanne Peters at

Many thanks,

Joanne Peters (CiLCA)

Clerk to Wickham Market Parish Council 07723 634169